Mobile Portable Printers Rugged and Non Rugged 12v to 48v

Rugged Mobile Vehicle Printers


Mobile printer 910

Bluetooth and USB mobile printer
At barely over 11" long and only 1.5 pounds in weight, the PS910 with Bluetooth is the ultimate travelling companion. The PS910 is a fully self contained and most convenient printer complete with paper and battery making it the smallest in the market. Using advanced Printing Technology, the PS910 with Bluetooth eliminates the need for messy and expensive ink, toner, or ribbons. The Bluetooth ? connectivity provides a simple, reliable cable-free printing connection of up to 100 meters (approximately 300 feet) to your laptop*, PDA or other hand held Bluetooth-or USB Good for use with Ipad Blackberry Windows Mobile devices etc. Printing on-the-go has arrived!
" Bluetooth connectivity, print from your laptop, smart phone or PDA
" Prints characters and graphics clearly (no smudging) - and no leaking ink
" Printing speed up to three pages per minute
" Pocket size - including a cartridge roll of 20 pages and battery
" Minimal moving parts for printing, designed ruggedly for portable reliability
" Little or no maintenance necessary, regardless of usage cycle
" Flexibility to adapt to common platforms
" Consumables are minimal, cost efficient

Rugged Mobile A4 Letter Vehicle Car Printer

Rugged Mobile  Vehicle Car Printer A4 letter 12v to 48V D.C

This printer is industrial strength mobile printer which is very strong and will run continuously in all conditions without problems.
It has been used for many years in fire fighting vehicles, Oil Rigs Rail road locomotives folk lift trucks and commercial jet aircraft. The 812 has both USB and parallel interfaces and can connect directly to either 12 volt or 24 volt vehicle power systems.
The price on this product is subject to the exchange rate so please call to get the best price.
The 812 is e-marked and meets the stringent EMC requirements of the Automotive Conformance Specification, Issue 10 issued by the Police Information Technology Organization (PITO) in the UK.

There is a Quick Release option for attachment to a vertical surface.