Mobile Vehicle Surveillance

Mobile Vehicle Surveillance Monitoring Systems for Police and Bailiffs

Mobile Surveillance systems

Mobile Surveillance System including Cameras and recording and mobile network systems.

For Day and night



Mobile ANPR bundle

Mobile in vehicle ANPR LPR for 33 different countries
VIR Vehicle Identification Recognition.
Regular Simple to operate includes four cameras two mounted in the front two mounted at the rear of the vehicle.
240 Number plates read per minute.
4 Channel Video Capture devices to store all registration numbers.
The Kit includes the following.
1. 4 ANPR (LPR) Cameras
1. 4 Channel ANPR computer ready to go (just add your database)
2. Touch Screen Monitor AES CE Approved and Tested.
3. 3G GRPS
4. Wi-Fi for data updates for simple operation.
5. Installation
6. Training
We have discount schemes for the following.
Certified Bailiff's Government Bodies Quantity Purchases
System will alarm if a plate has been captured by the cameras that is on your wanted black list.
Simple to use! Video training manual free of charge
Choice of Internal and external cameras.
for further information on our finance packages or quantity discount schemes please email us with your requirements