Traffic Monitoring Cameras
Traffic Monitoring Cameras including Lane changing and traffic violation systems

ITS Traffic Monitoring Cameras Systems

ITS Traffic Monitoring Cameras

ITS cameras for traffic monitoring and ANPR LPR Pole installations

Traffic Monitoring Camera ANPR LPR

This is our is an intelligent traffic camera optimized for capturing reflective license plate images of high-speed vehicles up to 200km/h (124mph). Equipped with a 1/2” SONY CCD image sensor, the camera ensures enhanced performance and seamless integration when used in conjunction with external License Plate Recognition (LPR) software.
• High Contrast Image 
The camera features high-contrast imaging performance that delivers sharp, clear license plate captures, even of vehicles travelling at high speed up to 200km/h, in bad weather, or in low-light conditions. 

• Powerful IR 
Its powerful IR functionality and IR-corrected lens deliver perfect image captures and outstanding images all day long. It is also equipped with a high-power LED to help minimize energy usage. 

• Headlight Suppression 
CatchAll™ Technology enables the camera to suppress high-beam headlights and capture crisper, clear license plate images for greater recognition accuracy. 

• Easy Installation 
The cable-management bracket enables easy installation in any location, including walls, surfaces, and ceilings. 

• Outdoor-ready Design 
The camera is perfectly suited to outdoor environments since it is housed in a IP67-rated water-resistant casing for protection against heavy rain and dust.

40 Meter range camera

Traffic camera for one lane up to 40 Meters car Speed 120 KPH.