Roadside Portable Traffic Violation systems for speeding


Portable Handheald Speed Trap Camera

Portable Hand held Speed Trap Camera System

Speeding is one of the most common types of moving traffic violation. Enforcement on this has proven to significantly reduce road crashes and casualty numbers. Planet 4 Networks LSC Laser Speed Camera is designed to automatically detect speeding violations and record photos and relevant data. Based on state of the art Laser technology, it can measure the speed of all types of vehicles, from cars to trucks and motorcycles. The system can be easily utilized in-car, tripod, or hand held.
The Planet 4 Networks LSC Laser Speed Camera is a compact yet high powered, operator
portable automated speed enforcement system. The system is based upon the IACP approved Speed LIDAR providing accurate, vehicle specific readings. The laser is integrated with a custom lens/camera combination providing clear vehicle and license plate images to ranges up 450 feet (137m).
A daylight visible IP67 tablet computer provides an easy to follow set-up and operation application software.
Violation images and data are stored on the tablet PC in a secure encrypted form and can be transferred to the processing station by WiFi, 3G data connection or memory stick.